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Mask Fit Tips

If there is one thing I've learned making over 800 masks, it's that 4 sizes are never going to fit every human being on earth! Here are some tips to help if your mask doesn't fit perfectly:

Too Big - Try one of these ideas:

1. Tie a knot in the elastic

2. Safety pin, hand stitch, or hot glue a loop at the bottom of the mask elastic.


3. Use a large plastic bead - feed the elastic through (it takes a minute!) and then adjust as necessary.

4. Twist the elastic and then wear over your ear

5. Wear your mask upside down! I don't know how or why this works, but it's a lifesaver for some people!


Too Small - Try one of these ideas

If your mask is too small, you have an odd sized head (hello! That's me!) OR you need to wear your mask for many hours for work, you can try making or purchasing an ear saver. They can be made by knitting or crocheting a strip with buttons on each end, or using a ribbon with buttons, or sewing buttons onto a stretchy headband or bandana.

Free crocheted ear saver tutorial:

Free headband/bandana ear saver tutorial

Free ribbon ear saver tutorial

Free 3D printer design file for plastic ear saver:

I also offer plastic ear-savers for sale for just $1.50. Get them here:
Plastic Ear Savers

Glasses Fogging Up

It's a problem! You can try pushing down on your glasses at the nose as much as possible to prevent air from coming up. Also washing your glasses with dish soap and water can create a fog-free film. Folding up a tissue and wearing it under your mask at the nose can also help keep your breath from fogging up your glasses.

If those don't work...

Also know that I ALWAYS offer a fit guarantee, if you'd rather have me make a new size that fits without these gadgets, please contact me at and I will make you one that works for you!