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About Hip Violet

Hi! I'm Jesi, the owner, designer and head seamstress at Hip Violet!

When my oldest daughter Violet started eating solids, I was so frustrated with having to change her clothes after every meal despite the tiny bib she was wearing that I busted out my dusty sewing machine, tried to remember all the lessons my Grandma Ginny had taught me, and started making my own. Soon friends and family were requesting them, and I started my Etsy shop in 2008. 

Hip Violet has now grown to include 15+ wholesale shops (see where you can buy in person on my Stockists page!) and two amazing sewing helpers, Sandra and Rebeccah. I couldn't do this without them, and I'm so happy that all of my bibs are 100% handmade here in Colorado! 

And a note about my shop name: when my daughter Violet was 6 months old, she was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. Over the next year, she had to undergo several surgeries and spent a total of 6 months in a full body cast. Again at age 7 she had another surgery and another 6 weeks in a body cast (not QUITE as easy as when she was a baby!). However today you would never guess that this running, jumping, horse-loving 10 year old ever had a problem. She was always so sweet and positive through the whole thing - she is my inspiration!

Thanks for visiting and happy shopping!