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Why are Hip Violet bibs so big?

Yes, my bibs are HUGE! At approximately 11" x 13.75" you'll find that my bibs actually cover their clothing from shoulders all the way down to their lap so you'll no longer need to change their entire outfit after every meal. I started making them this way after my daughter started eating solid food and I couldn't figure out why all the bibs I was finding were so tiny!

Will your bibs fit around my toddlers neck?

Keep in mind that most bibs you see are much smaller so the neck hole LOOKS bigger by comparison, and you do want a snug fit or food will fall down the front. My bibs even come with two snap settings to grow with your baby. An average-sized 2-year-old can still fit on the SMALLEST snap size. I have sold over 15,000 bibs and only have had ONE come back as too small!

Regular Bibs have a neck opening approximately 10.75"-11.5"
Special Needs Bibs have a neck opening approximately 11"-12.75"
(I am happy to make any size neck at no additional cost, just ask!)

This is a gift - what should I do?
Please let me know if you'd like me to include a note so they know who it's from! All of my items are packaged with tissue paper and a colorful ribbon, and I don't include a printed invoice with orders so no need to worry that sensitive info will be shared.

Why don't you offer plastic-fronted bibs?

The front of my bibs are made with either cotton or cotton/polyester blend (vintage bibs) - both of which are great at absorbing liquids, unlike vinyl coated bibs where liquid drips right down and into your little one's lap. My bibs are backed with moisture-wicking and breathable fleece which stops liquids from going through to their clothing.

How do I keep my bibs and onesies clean?

All of my bibs & onesies are easy to care for! Simply machine wash and dry. I have bibs that are more than 2 years old that have been washed hundreds of times and still look great! The fleece on the back may get a little pilly, but the front will stay as beautiful as they day it was purchased!

How do I take care of the snaps?

My bibs all come with toddler-proof snaps with two setting to fit newborns through age 4 or 5 (actually, they fit around MY neck!). I have found that sometimes the snaps can become a little warped and no longer snap properly. I am always happy to fix these snaps for you for free. Contact me for more info!